10 things I remember from childhood

This morning I got a new Google+ friend and being the nosey Bahamian that I am I went right to her wall and started going though it.  There I found a cool blog post, so I followed the source and discovered a pretty interesting blog by Jason Reynolds.  While reading through his life I uncovered a post that was really cute, and that got me reflecting on my own life.   The post is 10 (distinct) things I remember about childhood, Jason talks about the music he bought, cartoons, the toys he had, etc.  Growing up on a small family island in The Bahamas it is a given that my memories are very different … LOL believe me they do not include McDonald’s, or Roger Rabbit.  Here are 10 things from my super active childhood!

  1. Roasting hot dogs on the beach while out on family adventures
  2. Discovering that screaming and kicking only makes land crabs hold on tighter to your foot 😦
  3. Going looking for Christmas Trees!
  4. Family New Years Eve (beach bond fires, fireworks, champagne and hats)
  5. Standing on a Sea Urchin 😦
  6. Tahiti (long story short: family vaca to Tahiti + hurricane = life long memories lol)
  7. My first white (snow) Christmas
  8. My Grandma visiting us every January – February
  9. Traveling (everything from camping along the coast of California in an RV, to hiking the Lake District of England, and seeing Chichen Itza in Mexico)
  10. Bedtime stories (either Mummy would be reading us a book, or Daddy would tell us Bahamian folk stories :))

While there is no denying I have left out a ton of stuff, like fights with my sister and brother, dressing up our kitties, boating and playing with BARBIES! Nonetheless these are a few things on the top of my list 🙂 and here is a picture of me and my VIPs (sister, brother & cousins) as babies!

Bri, Addy, Dannie, Ginny, ME, Kay & Low

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jason Reynolds
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 22:28:37

    Wow! So dope. Bonfires, Tahiti…I wishhhhhhh! Hahahahahhaha


  2. James Rahming
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 19:27:04

    Hey you remember I was the man you suppose to marry……my #813-817-2752


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